Water Treatment

Ready for a better drinking water experience? We have the equipment you need to turn your house into a water treatment plant, making water suitable for drinking, cleaning and washing.

We are a partner of Hague Quality Water, one of the best known names in the business. Your water can taste as good as it looks. If your water doesn't, call Hague. For more than 50 years, Hague has been the right solution, safely and economically filtering out the minerals and sediments that can cause bad taste, and stains on clothing. No matter what your water problem, Hague is the right solution.

State of the art reverse osmosis systems are perfect for pure drinking water, ice makers and wet bars. They operate without electricity and use less water than conventional systems. This is a purer alternative to buying boiled water!

Hydro-Clean III

Hague HYDRO-CLEAN® III is one of our most popular offerings. There are both residential and commercial varieties available. A residential model is shown on the left and described below. For more information about our commercial offerings, give us a call!

HYDRO-CLEAN®III softeners regenerate based on water usage for economical operation. Enjoy the reliability of Hague HYDRO-CLEAN® III along with a versatile list of options.

Avaliable Options:

  • 4 Button Dual Mode Controller: timed or metered regeneration tailors operation to more precisley treat your specific water conditions. (4 button controller is standard on HCIII48)
  • Corrosion-Proof Thermo Tank Jacket
  • Valve Cover
  • Streamlined Brine Tank Assembly
  • Built-in Bypass Valve
  • Saftey shut off (included in streamlined brine tank)
  • Brine tank grid plate (included in streamlined brine tank)

WaterMax® is a patented, comprehensive water softener system; truly the right water cleaner for our age of conservation -- the world's most efficient water treatment system.

From our computerized solid-state Systems Control to our exclusive directional flow screens, only the most advanced manufacturing processes and materials have been used to build WaterMax® water softeners. We employ the most innovative engineers in the industry and have won 7 U.S. patents ensuring that WateMax® provides years of trouble-free water treatment in your home, which is why it is known throughout the world.

The WaterMax® water softener will work for you in ensuring that your entire house receives the benefits of soft, clean water. You'll be able to taste the freshness of sweet corn, feel the softness of a new shirt and say goodbye to that film around the tub.

And it won't just do good work, it will look good too. The styling of a WaterMax® is as impressive as its operational capabilities. There simply is no better looking water softener on the market today. Even the texture of the cabinet is quality you can feel.

Northern also services a full line of other softeners including: Aqua-matic, AqualPure, Autotrol, AquaQueen, Bruner,Commers, Culligan, Econominder, Erie, Fleet Farm, Ecowater, Fleckenstien, GE Smartwater, Kane, Kinetico, Magic Water, Mckay, Minnesota Water Treatment, Nimbus, Osmonics, Peerless, Rainmaker, Robert B Hill, Servisoft, Surge,Technetic, Wards, Water Boss, Water Factory, Water Pro, Worthington, Kenmore, Lindsay, Marcus ll, Meadowbrook, Miracle, Northland, Park International, Penney's, Rainsoft, Sears, Structural, Taplin, US Filter, Watercare, Water Doctor, Water King, Water Queen, and Zeo-Ran.

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Let us come and upgrade your water experience today!